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Monica has an extremely unique ability to peel away our layers of negative emotions which get in the way our success and healthy relationships. She must go straight to the cause and connect with some divine guidance because the changes in me are far beyond my wildest imagination. As an adult, I kept getting in my own way. I raised myself from a negative, sad and depressed childhood. I only knew survival, not who I was as a person, so I went searching and eventually found Monica. Even with my two hour travel each way, I had to continue because of the HUGE changes after each visit. All of a sudden the doors of my life opened up and I now feel alive, successful, and loving. “Thank you for assisting me into my freedom!


Pueblo, Colorado

Working with Monica has been a very positive experience. I had never had acupuncture and her skill and knowledge was very reassuring. She so patiently explains the process every step of the treatment. I have had wonderful results with the facial rejuvenation. My family and friends have noticed the many changes. I emotionally and physically feel so much better. My cholesterol has come down and improved by 50 points. I feel I am in very capable hands with Monica and so pleased with all my positive results.


Broomfield, Colorado

Monica Laurila at Rocky Mountain Acupuncture & Wellness has been an amazing addition to my health and well-being. A friend referred me to her when I was going through a divorce and having anxiety attacks. Within a few weeks the attacks had stopped, and I was feeling small shifts in my health taking place. Though I don’t always understand how or why what she does works; the improvements I have experienced in my physical and emotional health are proof to me she is an amazing practitioner. Her knowledge of not only acupuncture, but herbs, meditation and general counseling are unsurpassed. She has been gentle with me when I felt fragile, tough when I was feeling weak and a rock when I just needed someone to lean on. I count her as one of my many life’s blessings every day and look forward to seeing where she will help take me next in my life’s quest to becoming my best and highest self.


Denver, Colorado

Rebuilds by Monica” is what I have nicknamed Rocky Mountain Acupuncture and Wellness because she helped me and my mom to rebuild ourselves and how we function. My OCD made it difficult to touch doors and sinks without washing my hands vigorously up to my elbows while counting or holding my breath in different patterns. I used to splash and make a mess with soapy water several times a day which was tough for my family. For many years I would panic when I needed to clean my room or bathroom. I was getting worse until Monica did the Neuro- Emotional Technique on me only 2 times. The need to wash my hands constantly slowly went away as well as the need to count and my fear of opening cabinets. Now I don’t panic. I just take care of cleaning and go about my day. Thank you for my rebuild.


Pueblo, Colorado

Monica Laurila has helped improve my overall health for the past four years.  Her treatments have been successful for me; treating neck and back pain, headaches, hypoglycemia, digestive issues, food sensitivities, stress and adrenal fatigue.  Monica listens and shows true care and compassion to all of her clients. She is incredibly knowledgeable, skilled and intuitive. All treatments are unique for each individual person and each time you see her. I felt a difference after the very first treatment from her.  She is also very knowledgeable with supplements and Chinese herbs, which have helped me tremendously. She has changed my life for the better. Monica is an excellent acupuncturist that truly cares and goes above and beyond the call of duty. Although I drive 2 hours to see her, she is definitely worth it.  I would recommend her to anyone. I am very grateful!


Pueblo, Colorado

Our primary work with Monica is focused on preventive maintenance or well being… however, there have been times when we have requested Monica’s assistance for helping with self imposed challenges such as helping recover from a snowboarding crash (dislocated elbow) and other sports related injuries.


Morrison, Colorado

Monica Laurila has been our family acupuncturist for the past 15 years.  During that time we have developed a great trust and deep respect for her as a medical professional.  Monica is a life long learner. She is constantly upgrading her skills and learning about new techniques so that she can better support her patients.  She is bright, intuitive and dedicated to her work. She is a blessing in our lives and we highly recommend her as a powerful wellness resource for others.


Morrison, Colorado

I have been a client of Monica Laurila’s for the past two years.  And this has been an amazing journey during this time. I came into M. Laurila’s office feeling very low energy and stressed out.  From the deep stress and pushing myself in a physical job my body was reacting. With Monica Laurila’s help and knowledge we were able to turn things around.  I feel much better and have my energy back! I feel more vibrant and healthy. I recommend Monica Laurila, for her depth of knowledge, her abilities as a acupuncturist,  and her keen intuitive senses. I deeply thank her for helping me get back to my active lifestyle! And I lost some weight also! Thank you Monica!


Lakewood, Colorado